Cruise Ship Presenters and Instructors

Cruise ships are recruiting experienced presenters and instructors of interactive enrichment programs for their guests.
Travel, learn, and teach while taking a vacation.
We have cruises and destinations that want you!

If you have significant experience presenting or teaching a topic that you are passionate and knowledgeable about, we have an opportunity for you.

Examples of enrichment programs include:

  • Arts & Crafts instruction
  • Ocean biology and other naturalist education
  • Health & Wellness programs
  • Retirement & Finance planning
  • Dancing or singing instruction
  • Photography or video shooting/editing
  • Creative writing workshops
  • History and culture
  • Wine tasting
  • Neuroscience for novices
  • Technology and innovation
  • …and many more

Present an enrichment program onboard a cruise ship and receive a free cruise, meals, and transportation. Please apply by filling out the form below.  If you wish even more exposure to more companies seeking to hire presenters, please also create a listing on Cultura Connector is a service that is provided free of charge for listing and free of charge for searching.

Note: If you are an Indigenous Presenter, please apply on the page for Indigenous Presenters.

We have cruises and destinations that want you!

How do you apply?

  1. Fill out the form below and submit it.
  2. Make sure to note details about the workshop or presentation you are proposing in the About section.
  3. You have a higher chance of being selected if you include a video of your presentation either recorded in front of your computer camera or in front of a live audience.
  4. Once your profile is submitted, it may take a few days to get approved.
  5. After approval, your profile will be sent to our clients who will reach out if they are interested in working with you. Please note that if you are given an offer based on your availability and you refuse it, you may not be invited by that client in the future.
Cruise Ship
Cruise Details

Guest Stats:

  • Largely ages 60 to 70 with some families
  • Approximately 2000-5000 guests on the ship at one time
  • Interested in enrichment programs

Tour Stats:

  • Includes enrichment speakers, improv, musicians, how-to courses, naturalists, etc
  • Cruise lasts 7-10 days
  • Tours start in December 2023 and are ongoing
  • Prefer interactive as opposed to just presentations


  • Present each day at sea
  • Must present once per day at sea
  • Presentations should be 45-50 minutes in duration
  • Provided with an inside cabin and meals. Specialty services/restaurants and excursions excluded. 20% off laundry and alcohol
  • Airfare for speaker to and from port of entry and exit
  • Presenter can bring a guest who is included in cabin and meals but not airfare
  • No additional compensation

Apply to be a Cruise Ship Presenter & Instructor

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