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A searchable database for listing and finding cultural educators, performers, designers, game developers, authors, and more. Listings include cultural centers available to assist organizations in the depiction of and approach towards cultures and ethnicities in media and other outlets with sensitivity; whether that is to design with cultural understanding, hire diverse members for your project, or just learn from people with a different lived experience than you. The possibilities are endless

The time is now for companies, organizations, and individuals to properly represent cultures in a way that is authentic and appropriate. Cultura Connector provides a comprehensive source for locating cultural representatives for your project, event, book, article or news story, film or video, guest speaker, panelist, and more.  You can even find people with specific industry experience such as game designers, artists, musicians, performers, architects, and so many other professions.

Cultura Connector is a service that is provided free of charge for listing and free of charge for searching.  All you have to do is create an account and start searching.

Embrace the diversity our global community has to offer.

If you are interested in using the database to locate professionals or organizations from a specific culture, subculture, or a DEI specialists, please select the “Notify Me” button for when the database will open to searching.

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